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American Heart Assosciation Self-Check

Hi Friends! Today, we have a guest blogger: Melissa Wilimas, Executive Director of American Heart Association, San Diego Division.

On behalf of the American Heart Association, I’d like to invite you to start a new life resolution.

No matter what day it is, it’s never too late for all of us to make better choices for health. Even if you start with only one small change today and another next week or next month –it all counts. Read more

Food of the week: Cinnamon

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Here’s this week’s Food of the Week post from my nutritionist : Cinnamon!

This old-world spice usually reaches most people’s stomachs only when it’s mixed with sugar and stuck to a roll. However…. Read more

Via Instagram – Lunch with my nutritionist yummy… Thank U Florence @

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Via Instagram – My Monday Morning

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Everyday Is A Holiday!

But You Don’t Have To Eat Like It’s One….

I love a day off like the next person. Usually, we take ours only on major holidays because coffee is an everyday necessity for most people, so, being closed is a major No No in our business. But we do close when we can and we have less complaints on holidays. Our customers seem to give us dispensation… Thank you friends! LOL. Read more

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Hey everyone I’m so excited for today’s post…. Dr. Lindsay is guest blogging Yeah!

Today, I’m sharing a guest blog from my amazing chiropractor Dr. Lindsay Hoffman of Chiropractic Health & Happiness.

A few months back, Miss Vallie Gilley, a dear friend of ours, asked for our support and guidance on a journey to greater health and happiness. Being that our passion is to help people create their optimal life naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery, we excitedly agreed to do everything we could to help. As primary health care providers we believe in the absolute power of the human body to heal itself, and as chiropractors we tap into this innate potential through the power of the adjustment. Vallie’s words shine light on this holistic approach to health and wellness and how it has made a difference for her so far.

Also, check out

So, Friends, be Healthy, Happy and Well on this Friday!


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Hi friends,

Down 2 more pounds…. Amazing!!!!

I feel great and I feel committed to myself. There has been a lot of positive movement, transformation, and changes going on in my world. Commitment was such a challenge in the past, but not now. I feel less stressed, I sleep better then I have in years and when it comes to food choices I don’t feel deprived at all. I can eat what I want, just less. I make sure to add plenty of veggies and good fats, I changed things to be more balanced and believe me it’s been tough to eat more often and not just drink coffee and eat easy carbohydrates. I wont lie there has been some rough days but now there is no regrets and guilt with food ever, I just keep moving and get back on track if I derail for a brief moment. Speaking of moving, I keep moving a lot. I walk everyday with Cody Girl, and I add in extra movement anyway I can, whether it’s a cardio blast tape or laps at my gym. On days where I work 12 to 15 hours, I usually don’t workout ’cause I’m on my feet, but I do watch what I eat as to not over-indulge or exceed my calorie intake. My other change and commitment is drinking a ton of water and thanks to my friends at NIKA I’m totally hydrated through out this whole journey. If you don’t know about them, you should. They are a super conscientious company and donate 100% of their profits to bringing clean water to people. . It’s the only water we sell at .